Exotica, Erotica, Etc.

Ever since I can remember, my country’s maritime tradition has been an inspiration for me. As a Greek native, the sea is what I have always considered as my vision on my motherland, generating a series of concepts strongly linked to the themes of wandering and desire. Thus in 2006, I decided to carry out an artistic and anthropologic endeavor focusing on the life, travels and intimacy of Mediterranean sailors across the world. 

I instinctively drew upon my culture and its rich mythology to find parallels between the great heroes of the past and today’s everyday man and woman. The life and feats of Ulysses had always fascinated me as a child, but it was the sailor’s figure in the literary work of the Greek poet, writer and seaman Nikos Kavvadias (1919-1975) that had the most significant impact on me. His writings, halfway between fiction and anthropology, deal with the endless human journey and give birth to the modern version of a nomadic myth. I managed to pursue my research solely over a 9-year process, and travelled in 20 countries, listening to the stories of my subjects, the wounds they carry, the dreams they harbor, their everyday struggle for dignity and happiness.

The ports of multinational cities are terrae incognitae of transition and impermanence, where sailors mingle with other people, overwhelmed by a primary need to feel alive. Erotic desire is the most significant expression of this urge. Thus for a few moments, all barriers – ideological, cultural, political, ethical or social– disappear; and a human being is standing naked in front of another human being. These brief, yet intense moments, became the source for my interest in the prostitutes of the ports and, through them, the eroticization of faraway places. Prostitutes form an archetypical couple with sailors, offering an exciting metaphor on man’s elementary relationship with the Other. But how does one explore what lies in the deepest recesses of consciousness? What visual vocabulary does one choose to evoke the memories of a past life, the dreams left behind, the fantasies lying ahead, and how do they all lie in stark contrast

Technical specifications

73 min.
Visa n° 144.280


Écriture et réalisation
Evangelia Kranioti

Image et son
Evangelia Kranioti

Yorgos Lamprinos

Montage son et mixage
Jérôme Gonthier

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Iris du meilleur documentaire, Académie Hellénique du Cinéma, GR

Iris du meilleur premier film, Académie Hellénique du Cinéma, GR

Emerging International Filmmaker Award, Hot Docs IFF, Toronto, CA

Prix du public pour meilleur documentaire, Festival Films de Femmes, Créteil, FR

Meilleur Documentaire, Los Angeles Greek Festival, EUA

Meilleur Documentaire international, Monterrey International Film Festival, MX

Meilleur Documentaire européen, Tirana International Film Festival, AL

Mention spéciale pour la cinématographie, Tirana International Film Festival, AL

Prix Fathy Farag, Semaine de la Critique, Festival International du Caire, EG

Mention d’honneur, Porto/ Post/ Doc International Film Festival, PT

Nouvelle Vague award, Festival Ciné Salé, le Havre, FR