Live Performing arts, a reflection of contemporary crisis, a round table at the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence with the participation of Thomas Ostermeier, Ted Huffman, Denise Wendel-Poray and Evangelia Kranioti

Festival d’Aix-en-Provence 2023 Review: Ballets Russes, article by João Marcos Copertino in OperaWire

Aix-en-Provence, 4 cinéastes à la conquête de la musique, article by Denise Wendel-Poray in Le Quotidien de l'art

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Exotica, Erotica, Etc. at the Cargo, Saint-Nazaire photo festival 2023

Interview for the Rite of Spring at the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence 2023

Evangelia Kranioti, invited artist at the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence 2023

« ¡ Viva Villa ! », une plongée à Avignon dans le processus de création de la Villa Médicis, de la Villa Kujoyama et de la Casa de Velazquez, article by Emmanuelle Jardonnet in Le Monde


The Messengers at the « ¡ Viva Villa ! » Biennale, cur. Victorine Grataloup and Stéphane Ibars, 12 Nov 22 - 12 Feb 23, Collection Lambert, France

Obscuro Barroco screening at the LOVELOVELOVE Biennale of Moving Images at U2 by UCCA Beijing, in collaboration with the Centre d'art contemporain — Genève, cur. Andrea Bellini, DIS

Obscuro Barroco screening at the Kamel Lazaar Foundation, cur. Andrea Bellini, Tunisia

Exotica, Erotica, Etc. screening at The Sea Around Us, cur. Delphine Leccas, Tavros art space, Athens, Greece

Evangelia Kranioti, per la strada con gli dei, interview by Manuela de Leonardis, Il Manifesto

Migrants and authoritarian architecture : the Villa Medici through the experiences of three resident artists, article by Matthieu Jacquet, Numéro Art

Étincelles / Scintille, annual exhibition of the French Academy in Rome – Villa Medici’s Fellows, cur. Saverio Verini

Varia, group show, Centre d'art contemporain de Meymac, cur. Jean-Paul Blanchet

Obscuro Barroco screening at Este Arte Art Fair Uruguay / Biennial of Moving Images program, cur. Andrea Bellini

Evangelia Kranioti is a finalist at the Foam Paul Huf photographic Award.


Mois de la photographie : Gros plan sur Evangelia Kranioti, by Pascale Achard, TV5 Monde

Presto la Notte, Nuit Blanche at Villa Médicis, cur. Saverio Verini

Balmain/RED showcase the Together project at the Paris-Photo

Miss Without Papers, solo show at the Galerie Sator

Ecstasy Must Be Forgotten screening at Passages / The Lemaître Collection, MAAXI Museum Rome, cur. Maria Laura Cavaliere

À la Villa Médicis, un nouveau festival de cinéma radical, by Laurent Rigoulet, Télérama

À la Villa Médicis, ciné sous une bonne étoile, by Sandra Onana, Libération

L'intense odyssée d'Evangelia Kranioti, by Anne Claire Meffre, Madame Figaro

Evangelia Kranioti becomes a fellow at the Villa Médicis-Académie de France à Rome


Auf der Brücke in der Stunde der Gefahr in Allgemeine Zeitung, article by Niklas Maak

Evangelia Kranioti, artist in residence invited by the Planche(s) Contact Festival in Deauville, cur. Laura Serani

Obscuro Barroco screening at the UTA, followed by a discussion with Phedon Papamichael

Evangelia Kranioti is nominated at the American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Cinematography Awards for her work in Obscuro Barroco, USA


Exotica, Erotica, Etc. screening at the Centre Pompidou, Paris

The Living, The Dead And Those At Sea at the Jimei x Arles Festival in China

From Rio to Siberia : Kranioti's world of lost souls, The Guardian

Evangelia Kranioti, winner of the Madame Figaro Prize, Le Figaro

Ici l'onde, in Libération, article by Gilles Renault

Trois pépites des Rencontres, in Paris-Match, article by Karelle Fitoussi

Die Seherin in Süddeutsche Zeitung, article by Peter Richter

50es Rencontres d'Arles : à la recherche du temps perdu, in Le Figaro, article by V. Duponchelle

50es Rencontres d'Arles : le palmarès des connaisseurs in Le Figaro, article by V. Duponchelle

The Living, the Dead and Those at Sea on France24

From Rio to Arles, in Vimagazino, article by Marilena Astrapellou

Obscuro Barroco and Exotica, Erotica, Etc. screening at VOX, Athens

Focus sur Evangelia Kranioti on TV5 Monde, by Pascale Achard

Il corpo in guerra in Vogue IT, article by Sofia Mattioli

Anywhere Out of the World in La Gazette des Festivals, article by Johanna Pernot

Les 8 expos qui embrasent Arles, in Beaux-arts magazine, article by E. Lequeux et N. Nataf

Nuits magnétiques et images oniriques, in GaucheBdo, article by Bertrand Tappolet

Regardez voir aux Rencontres d'Arles, on FranceInter, podcast by Brigitte Patient

Bon anniversaire Arles, in Le Point, article by Brigitte Hernandez

Les Rencontres d'Arles 2019 : Les Européens in Le Point, article by Didier Quilain

Aux Rencontres d'Arles, le documentaire au delà du réel, in L'Express, article by Julien Bordier

The Living, the Dead and Those at Sea solo show in Les 50èmes Rencontres de la photographie, Arles, curator : Matthieu Orléan

Evangelia Kranioti receives the MAD about ArtsCampari Award for Photography & Direction

Obscuro Barroco wins two Iris Awards by the Hellenic Film Academy : Best Documentary feature and Best Editing

Obscuro Barroco special screenings at the Cinema DS x IDFA sessions

Obscuro Barroco screens at the Bucharest Fashion Film festival

Evangelia Kranioti for the Women in Society platform, ELLE Greece

Obscuro Barroco wins Best film Krak Award at the ZineGoak IFF, Spain

Obscuro Barroco special screening at Le Meliès, Grenoble

Obscuro Barroco special screening at Le Grand Action, Paris

Obscuro Barroco screening across Mexico for the Ambulante Festival

Obscuro Barroco closing film at the Athens Fashion Festival

Hors Champ, in Séquences, article by Elie Castiel

Obscuro Barroco at Hellas Filmbox Berlin

Obscuro Barroco screening at the Göteborg International Film Festival

Obscuro Barroco wins Audience Award and Special Documentary Jury Award at the LA Greek Film Festival

Obscuro Barroco review in Sounds and Colors by Jo-Brandim Howson

The Greek Queer Cinema tribute, screening at the Greek Film Archive


Obscuro Barroco wins the Felix award for Best Documentary at the Festival do Rio, Brazil

Obscuro Barroco wins the Lily Award for Best documentary at the MIX Copenhagen LGBTQ Film festival

Obscuro Barroco wins Best international documentary feature at the Guanajuato IFF, Mexico

Obscuro Barroco wins Special Mention at the FrontDoc International Documentary Festival, Italy

Obscuro Barroco at Les Écrans Documentaires, Paris

Obscuro Barroco nominated for the Heterodox Award at the Cinema Eye Honors

Obscuro Barroco at the Best of Fests section in IDFA Amsterdam

Obscuro Barroco in Fringe! Queer Film Fest, London

Obscuro Barroco in 59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Obscuro Barroco in She Makes Noise Festival, Madrid

Obscuro Barroco nominated for the GNCR Award in FID Marseille

Obscuro Barroco in DokuFest Documentary festival, Albania

Obscuro Barroco at the Festival L'Heure d'été Rio de Janeiro, Brussels

Obscuro Barroco in MostraFire! Barcelona

Obscuro Barroco in Lima Independiente Film Festival

Obscuro Barroco in Kyiv Molodist Film Festival

Obscuro Barroco in Beldocs Belgrade

Obscuro Barroco UK premiere at the Sheffield Doc/Fest

Obscuro Barroco at the Toronto HOT DOCS Film Festival

Obscuro Barroco at the Istanbul International Film Festival

Obscuro Barroco at the Margaret Mead Film Festival, New York

Obscuro Barroco at the Antenna Documentary Film Festival, Sydney

Obscuro Barroco review by Mariangela Sansone for Uzak

Obscuro Barroco Review by Yorgos Paschos for Exile Room

Obscuro Barroco Review by Giuseppe Di Salvatore for Filmexplorer

Evangelia Kranioti believes in the truth of a gaze, in Athinorama, article by Giannis Kantea-Papadopoulos

Top 10 films to look out for at the Sheffield Doc/Fest by the British Film Institute

10 films not to miss at the Sheffield Doc/Fest by Ala CHAMP

A feverish vision of the desire to affirm an instantaneous self, review by Andreina Di Sanzo in My Movies

Obscuro Barroco review by Courtney Small in Cinema Axis

Obscuro Barroco review by Daniel Glassman in POV magazine

Obscuro Barroco review by Filippos Hatzikos in Cinedogs

What's queer at Hot Docs? A guide to everything LGBTQ at North America's biggest documentary event, in CBC, article by Peter Knegt

Top 8 queer films to see at Hot Docs Festival 2018, in Yohomo, article by J. Gray

Obscuro Barroco review by Yorgos Panagiotakis in Inside Story

Evangelia Kranioti's homage to Brazilian trans icon Luana Muniz is a dreamy acid-trip through Rio's queer nightlife, in Now Toronto, article by Kevin Ritchie

Obscuro Barroco di Evangelia Kranioti - Berlinale 68,Panorama: la recensione, in Indie Eye, article by Michele Faggi

Film Review : Obscuro Barroco at the Berlinale, article in Gay Themed Films, by Alistair Ryder

Breasts in the mist, in GOETHE Institute article by Gerasimos Bekas

Baroque pleasures and Queer transformations, in Another Gaze, article by Hannah Paveck

Stepping into the light : transmissibility in Brazilian art, in Teddy Award TV, article by Hannah Gongdon

A port city’s cinema dreams : the TDF turns 20, in Filmmaker Magazine, article by Pamela Cohn

Obscuro Barroco by Evangelia Kranioti, in Diablog, article by Theo Votsos

Artistic magic of transformation, in Cinepivates, article by Antonis Goumas

Awarded documentary Obscuro Barroco, in TVXS, article by Giorgos Roussos

Obscuro Barroco’s protagonist is the most famous transgender of Brazil, in LIFO, article by Meropi Kokkini

Berlin IFF offers politically charged queer narratives, in The Hindu, article by Kennith Rosario

Rio de Janeiro as a transvestite, in Berlinale Talent Press, article by K. Rosario

A Rio tra mutazioni di identità e desiderio, in Il Manifesto, article by G. Branca

Obscuro Barroco is a filmic experience, in FLIX, article by Manolis Kranakis

Evangelia Kranioti at the Berlinale, in Deutsche Welle, article by P. Kouparanis

Être, ce devenir, in Le Littéraire, article by Jean Paul Gavard-Perret

Another look : 68th Berlin IFF, in 11 Polaroids, article by G. Korossi

Latin America Reigns at the Berlinale’s Teddy Awards, in Cinematropical

TDF focuses on brave new voices, in Cineuropa, article by V. Economou

Significant distinction for Kranioti in the 68th Berlinale, Efsyn

The exotic documentary Obscuro Barroco wins the Teddy Jury Award, in LIFO

Obscuro Barroco among the 68th Berlinale Teddy Awards, in FLIX
Obscuro Barroco awarded at the Berlinale, in Athens Voice

Obscuro Barroco world premiere at the 69th Berlinale Panorama

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